Underworld Stroll

January 23, 2011

I used a bit of a different process with this one. Tried to apply a few things I learned from Acrylic painting with some Potatoshop magic. Process underneath, if you’re interested.



Disenfranchised Cake

December 11, 2010

Practicing how to paint, mannn. Practicing? Practising?
It feels like, every time I become competent with one skill, I am forced into repressing many others. That blows like crazy, brosef.

Happy day though, because i’m pretty happy with the painting style here, I just need to go faster.
This is the concept/colour sketch for my next digital painting. I think he’s some sort of South American Underworld God.. guy. You know, just on his way to work. Feels like he should have a cup of coffee, briefcase and a fedora. Except the briefcase is full of souls.

In closing, some dear friends from University have released their final year short film. After doing the festival circuits, and whatnot. The most wonderful thing is, it did quite well! This is of special note, because our head of school at the time was a total dick about it, pretty much saying that it wasn’t funny and just wouldn’t work. Ner.


December 4, 2010

Haven’t drawn..anything lately.

Would really like to get started on my own work again. Doesn’t every creative person say that? They never seem to get around to it, though.

Contract finished at the studio, so i’ve officially finished there for the year. Hopefully I will be able to pick up something else there in the new year.

Getting used to an office job took a long time, but it’s oddly comforting now. Home life feels vacant and boring, by comparison. It’s fucking strange, man..

Please Say Something

November 13, 2010

Don’t really like to post things that have nothing to do with me, but I think y’all can enjoy this. Made by a guy called David O’Reilly.

http://www.davidoreilly.com/work/pss (URL contains full film)

I saw it in an Animation screening, as a part of the Brisbane International Film Festival. A hell of a lot of depressed grumbling to do about that seething mass, but i’ll save that for another time.


November 13, 2010

Please forgive the shitty watermark.

Don’t think I ever actually posted this. I was tasked with creating some advertising materials for a University project, a Gallery.
I’d never really done anything like it before, with that in mind, I think I did an okay job.

Unfortunate Hand Lopping

October 23, 2010

Works best if you right click the play button and turn ON video loop.

Made in a day, a couple of months ago.
Joe Brumm organised the shit out of a group of QCA Animators to make a short animated piece for Tropfest.
Not really sure what happened to it, but hey, whatever man.

Live Action

October 4, 2010

[Vimeo 15500940]

Hey. Went for a drive, shot some test footage.
Music is The Eels.

I’ve started a studio job, my first ever. It’s been multiple strange transitions rolled into one. I feel more.. legitimate, but definately not as free.
I can’t exactly work in my pyjamas any more, as attractive as the idea is.
I’ll keep it pretty general, but having to deal with upper management is.. everything I thought it would be.