Bunch of Work, Cards and Sandwich

July 26, 2011

So I have been working pretty hard in the past (x) months since I bothered to update this thing. I joined up at Blackshoe Studios, run by the ruggedly charming Anguix brothers. It’s probably the best job i’ve had so far in my career as a freelancer. I’m working with Franky Stanton, which is another boon. Seriously, if you can ever work with that guy, work with that guy.

Put this song on, while you read!
(Alternatively, listen to the first twenty seconds while you skim read all of the heart-felt content I bothered to write. You monster.) 

Man, there is a lot of work around at the moment. It seems to be flash and motion graphics based work primarily, which is like… my absolute favourite.
I know i’m tempting fate, but things actually seem to be looking up. And not like looking up into a headwind, neither.

What I really need though, is a Producer. Someone who can kick my ass into line, and make sure I don’t spend all my time playing Mass Effect 2. (Which you could buy for peanuts during the Steam Sale)

Turns out, it is super fun to hand out business cards. Sure, I look like a tool, but when don’t I? Buddy-Most-Excellent Luke Mathers gave me a hand with not being terrible at designing for print.

The wayyyy belated conclusion to the Pinball mural.. thing. Forgive me if I have spammed it already. The thing is now bolted to it’s home, safe in the heart of Paddington. The whole Resin/Lights thing turned out pretty interestingly, and I am definitely going to pursue the tech farther. It’s important to note, though, that the quality and strength of the lights involved is crucial. The damn resin dulls the natural luminosity, so the average string of fairy/garden lights isn’t going to cut the mustard. When working with Resin, it’s crucial to be patient. I nearly screwed the pooch a number of times, during the pouring and the curing.

I have.. three more paintings slated to work on, but they are all so equally radical; I can’t make up my mind where to start. Hmm.. perhaps the one that pays. Yeahhhhh

This is just a sandwich I made. Smoked Salmon w/ Chilli, Fresh Avocado on freshly baked Dark Rye bread. There’s nothing to really take away from this; I just want to look at it again.



3 Responses to “Bunch of Work, Cards and Sandwich”

  1. Mattchew Says:

    Awesome John,

    It’s good to hear you and those lads are doing good.

    Keep up with your midnight bandit shenanigans and own oddball art, it’s great stuff. Great post.

    And thanks for making me hungry with that last photo, you jerk. 😛

  2. Nevermore Says:

    Caveman is mega awesome

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