Pinball Painting Nears Completion

April 17, 2011

This has been a hot mess, that’s for sure. I winged it (wanged?) until it worked out, and I think it’s finished up pretty well. From here, I need to plug the holes you can see here with a Resin, and then affix the lighting system to the ass of it. Next post will feature a video of the entire apparatus. Shunt!


4 Responses to “Pinball Painting Nears Completion”

  1. Nevermore Says:


    One day this must be made!

    Make a Pp one, how much would it cost?

  2. Can’t tell ya John how much I fluppin’ love this. It is in every way glorious. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few decades it winds up hanging in the GoMA. USS Enterprise banking to starboard to avoid a direct hit by the Death Star with a rainbow-warping View Master in the background is probably my favourite detail.

  3. ducknectar Says:

    Thank you very much, gentlemen. I’m touched that y’all dig it so much. =]

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