Smashing Lanterns

January 23, 2011

Most of the Animators I know want to be making their own films.

But we ain’t.

I thought about it for a while, and came to the brilliant conclusion that it’s super hard. I know, totally out of left field. But the difficulty, for me at least, doesn’t lay in Production, but rather the initial conception and planning of the idea. Hanging all the lanterns  in all the right places, and justifying the shit out of every element. By the time I sculpt something sensible, I have chipped away all the interesting content and sculpted a turd. So if I can somehow disable this overprocessing, I might get some awesome Roquefort instead of Kraft Singles.

Tl;dr “Cheese Metaphor”

The solution I think is simple. Not give a single fuck.
To continue with the needless metaphors, I’m going to be throwing Lanterns fucking everywhere.

The Film i’m concepting and styling at the moment involves an old man falling in love with his own skeleton. Yeah, that’s right. To prove i’m not entirely full of shit, here’s some concept/mood pieces.

I think i’m learning more about Economy. What sort of quality you can tolerate drawing ten million times over. Hell, what sort of quality you can get away with. There is a Gobelins School film in particular that is helping to usher this along. It’s pretty fantastic, so I insist you watch it, regardless of what you think of it’s line quality.



4 Responses to “Smashing Lanterns”

  1. Maffoo Says:

    Less talk, MORE ROCK!
    LINK – – LINK

  2. Pasquale Says:

    That film is gorgeous. Also you are definitely on the right track and in the right mindset.

    We should jam on something together soon btw.


  3. ducknectar Says:

    Matt – I will endeavour to ROCK out with my COCK safely holstered!

    Pasquale – Thanks, man. I really want to make something in a high style. I’m keen for this to be a productive year. I really have slowed down my self improvement since university, would like for that to change.

  4. Chris Says:

    holy shit

    I love everything about this post!

    (well i didn’t watch the video though)

    go nuts!

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