Disenfranchised Cake

December 11, 2010

Practicing how to paint, mannn. Practicing? Practising?
It feels like, every time I become competent with one skill, I am forced into repressing many others. That blows like crazy, brosef.

Happy day though, because i’m pretty happy with the painting style here, I just need to go faster.
This is the concept/colour sketch for my next digital painting. I think he’s some sort of South American Underworld God.. guy. You know, just on his way to work. Feels like he should have a cup of coffee, briefcase and a fedora. Except the briefcase is full of souls.

In closing, some dear friends from University have released their final year short film. After doing the festival circuits, and whatnot. The most wonderful thing is, it did quite well! This is of special note, because our head of school at the time was a total dick about it, pretty much saying that it wasn’t funny and just wouldn’t work. Ner.


One Response to “Disenfranchised Cake”

  1. Good to hear Knightmouse is kickin’ A!!

    As for Diablo 2, there’s no good reason why we shouldn’t play it , except that I hate sharing loot and get really anal about uncovering the map entirely. But tell me son, you ever heard of a game called StarCraft II?

    On another note, your painting is well wicked. You’re a pop-picasso. I’m digging the Grim Fandango undertones in the Quetzamontezuma guy too.

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