Oh baby, the first blog is the deepest.

April 6, 2010

Hey, etc.
I have not updated in quite a while, mostly by accident. I missed the blog-guilt, though.  Have been working solidly at a job since a little bit before Graduation in what.. November?

Smug motherfucker.

I have been working and painting. And drinking, but that’s to make sure I don’t get ahead of myself. Fucking NDAs though, so I can’t show you the improvements in my Flash illustrations. I found a whole new love for the Brush tool, and copious amounts of RAM. With legitimate software, might I add. Feels good, man.

So here is a painting that I am really quite fond of, and wouldn’t mind keeping or hanging. Since the dude who commissioned it hasn’t fucking picked it up and or paid for it, that might just be the case.

'Like a Hotdog in the Ocean, so are the Days of Our Lives'

Click for the big.

Oh hey, I almost forgot, I worked on this thing around Christmas/New Year with Sen Wong and Max Cowen. The idea was to make some high quality pitch pieces. More 3d tracking stuff, but with a little more resources. However, a lot of shit went wrong and it made the relatively straightforward task a fucking nightmare. In future. Do not use a DSLR for action themed sequences. Motion blur and Rolling shutter combined will kick you so hard between the legs you won’t ever need a Vasectomy. So here it is with a minimal, minimal sound track that I plonked in for presentations sake.

Also, here is some concept art. Something that i’m working on with a friend. For a juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence, project, if you catch my drift.

Reminds me of a friend of mine. Spooky.

And fuck while i’m at it, here’s my business card. Let me stick it in your pocket?

Alright, the first one is the hardest, right?



One Response to “Oh baby, the first blog is the deepest.”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hey John, good to see your blog active again.

    Nice to know that you’ve been keeping busy and well. Where are you at now-a-days, still in Briz?
    That’s one SAUCEY hot dog painting you’ve done there by the way. If the guy doesn’t pick it up I might have to buy it & deep fry it. It’ll be totally post-modern and worth a shiny penny.

    Take care,
    One of your intrepid blog stalkers.

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