End of University

November 19, 2009

It feels weird. My peers and I have not really had a holiday in three years, and I have no real idea what to do with myself. Get to work I guess.

My screening is on the 24th, and graduation on December 19th, and then I am officially educated. Unofficially however, I am still bottom rung.

Creative wise, I bring you my showreel and a short film some friends and I made for our Digital Compositing assignment. It was pretty much put together in our last, very strenuous, week.

Take it easy, Internet.


6 Responses to “End of University”

  1. Pasquale Says:

    Dude, congratulations. Get out there and kill the world with fun things.

  2. ducknectar Says:

    Haha, thanks man. I’d rather create than kill 😉

  3. Ben Drake Says:

    Snap, Grist… I wish my demo reel looked like that when I graduated.

  4. Matt Says:

    Sauce’m work Mr Grist.
    I’ll be seeing you and all the QCA fellows this Tuesday for the screening. I’m looking forward to it immensely. We should all totally head out for a round of celebratory catch-up drinks afterwards.

    PS: I have enjoyed stalking your sporratic updates on both of your blogs, and watching the years development. I hope you feel mighty accomplished, and start hitting up places with your swanky new Reel.


  5. ducknectar Says:

    Thank you Sirs Ben and Matt, much appreciated.

  6. Jen Says:


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