Bush League

November 10, 2009

Last week of University. I am greatful for my time here, even if there were some.. bothersome times. We put Defective Detective down onto tape Monday gone, and it felt like a physical weight had been removed from my shoulders. Not quite Atlas level weight, but still, significant. Oh, here is the teaser trailer for it.

I should write up some of the things that I learned, so hopefully future students might be able to actually find an explanation for their obscure-as-shit problems. Fucking technology man.

Speaking of, I have one final assignment to do, and it’s quite safe to say that its a little out of my comfort zone. We’re doing 3D camera tracking and inserting 3D and hopefully 2D animated characters into live action footage. It’s taken me probably overlong to figure out how to get this working, but it was just superbly-underdocumented online.


Little bit of progress on that painting from awhile ago. Slightly different style developing I think?



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