September 20, 2009

Hey, what’s up. I’ve been busy and neglectful, a terrible blogfather. Good news is that the animation, and most exhausting phase of our short film is almost over. I’m starting to make the transition into the COMPOSITING stage, which for us is putting in fake lights and colours. LIKE ‘DEEZ.




They’ll never think to look for us here


…Who.. won’t think to look for us here?

We’re hoping to push the envelope in terms of what we can achieve using flash. Sure straight flash can be entertaining, but look at Newgrounds as a prime example. James Lee’s ‘Tarboy’ gets released into the portal and is immediately furiously masturbated over. Why? Because he pushed the goddamn envelope.

So with this little bit of extra time that I might have, I am hoping to make either (for the class screening or just personal) something that brings together live action and animation. The.. integration, if you will. Three examples here, and you will notice a bigass step between them. The final one, if you havn’t seen it, is one of the most intense short films that I have enjoyed. (And it is totally gratuitous!)


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