July 24, 2009

Have not updated in awhile, but eyyyyyy.

Went for a walk today through my graveyard to get some footage, in the hopes of being able to practice my camera tracking skillz.

09_07_24 012 copy

09_07_24 008 copy
I had my first run in with Mocha (planar tracker) and found it pretty damn cool.

I think I might start throwing together a few tutorials, as both a repository for my own knowledge and to..maybe increase traffic a little bit.

So I saw THIS video, via motionographer.  Some wonderful asshole ‘playing’ Particular 2.0.

Oh well. I really loved the Storm effect that he’s got going on and tried to reproduce it. W/o the live action component unfortunately.

09_07_24 StudioLighting3

I’ve also started looking into Maya, to expand my super basic understanding of 3D. It just seems logical because it ties in with motion graphics and live action vfx. Hell, it all ties in together. Freakin’ Mental Ray takes forever to put it’s dress and make up on. The above frame took something around ten minutes to render. pfft.


2 Responses to “Graveyooord”

  1. Pasquale Says:

    Yeah dude, particular 2 & mocha are boss.

    The only bummer is that mocha doesn’t generate true 3d data, so you can’t completely drive particle worlds in 3d, just specific planes.

    One of my buddies says that pfhoe is what’s up. It can make 3d data which you can plug right into the AE camera and maya which is the balls. I’m pretty sure the first video with the 3d streakletish stuff would have relied on some 3d space.

    Make some sweet stuff! It’s sweet to see more after effects experimentation!

  2. Pasquale Says:

    Haha yeah, silly me. I just checked the vimeo page and it said he used pfhoe. Gosh I need to get my hands on a working version of it 😛

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