Re-Hashing the Motion

May 3, 2009

So we’re doing an in-class assignment at school for Post Production.
We’ve got ’til next friday to get it done, which it makes it the longest class i’ve ever had.

Anyway, it’s only a small piece to show our competency with After Effects.
Because i’m starting to want decent quality stuff for a reel, i’m going to put in a little more effort.
That being said, i’m totally ripping off an older assignment that I did to show an understanding of Toonboom camera animation.




2 Responses to “Re-Hashing the Motion”

  1. Pasquale Says:

    Rad dude! Put it up when it’s done!

  2. -- Says:

    Hey John, some cool stuff here

    The recent post on your 3rd year blogspot page of your timeline in flash looks a lot like all of mine did from last year. Keep it up!

    Also, do good animation… or I’ll CUT you.

    hahaha, Cheers

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