ball: rolling

January 15, 2009

Shits starting. Through self inflicted force. Gogo Momentum.

In the machine pictures of a background for a friend. I am going for something epic and fun.




I made a simple background for an internet friend. I like the texture and blue backing. Did it in Flash.

manbigI’m starting to get my ideas together for my final year film. I troubleshooted a couple with a friend online and they really seem like they could work.

Firstly is a man with a fidelity problem who is required to get bacon from a creepy Supermarket. It will be dark and probably pretty gross. Bastards with sick(er) senses of humour would enjoy it more.
Second is a sort-of-suave-but-not Surgeon with an extreme bar tab (think the american sitcom style tab) and discovers a rather ingenious method of compensating his sponsor.

cuterexsmallI wanted to do a nice picture that was based more around inking a sketch. Trying to paint this is proving to be a pain in the ass.
To be honest, I was looking at the work of some girl from first year games degree. She has a simple paint style that just.. works.

P.S. Nedroid has made it far less enjoyable to draw dinosaurs.


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