indiana greenskin

September 21, 2008

You know you want it!


2 Responses to “indiana greenskin”

  1. Miicr0 Says:

    Dude, I just love this one…I currently got it as the background for my pc (already for like 2 weeks or so) its so simplistic and yet makes you think of other things. I was wondering, do the dots above his head mean anything or insinuate something? as they are so lovely in line with the eyes, which are contrasting the green by being red. And well, the sexy is a real cool finisher…

    Dunno why I wrote this, I just had to cos it is so awesome…

    Miicr0 😉 came here by stalking PP forums ^^

  2. ducknectar Says:

    Haha, thanks man.
    It was made for a university faculty, who had this character that they use for all their promotional stuff. I believe that the dots above are actually antennae, floating above his head.

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