July 2, 2008

Was introduced to a really great Japanese/Korean restaurant in Fortitude Valley, Jon Ga on St. Pauls Terrace.

Been sunk in Mass Effect, great to see one of the latest generation of games putting so much effort into incidental content that players might not even see, let alone care about. Diablo 3 trailers and gameplay videos are up and excellent. Exactly the sort of game I feel like playing, with decent graphics and it’s not an MMO.

With Spore and Fable 2 being released in a few months, it’s shaping up to be a terrific last quarter for gaming!

Here is a little process work for a larger piece my boss asked for. I’m going to see if I can get the Franchise owner to commission me to produce some coffee themed pieces to replace the crappy framed paper cutout pieces that are up there now.


3 Responses to “brain”

  1. injenius Says:

    Looks like a heat-sensor picture. KEWL. You is fond of your maroons.

  2. Anony mous Says:

    Only faggots play Oblivion.

  3. Anony mous Says:


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