June 24, 2008

I went to an acting workshop today, hosted by the animation society at school.
I had to show up late cause of stuff, and walked into the room only to find this fruity guy doing some mask acting. He.. actually did it well, really reminiscent of the hand guy from Pan’s Labyrinth.
We went through through a bunch of different forms of acting and a bit of theory, which was actually pretty cool.


I think today was my last opportunity to see Indiana Jones in the cinemas, so that sucks ass. Going to try again tomorrow, need to pick up some paint and an external hard drive. The HDD for the process of formatting my computer so it isn’t such a whiney bitch.

For the holidays, I have drawn up a list of stuff i’d like to accomplish. (minus a few)

Game animations for my brother’s point n click.
Coffee-brain painting for my manager.
Finish the animation jam I started with some fellows.
Frankenstein portrait.
Fable 2 Fanart.
Learn the bassline for ‘Play That Funky Music’.
Comic Jam(s).
Sherlock Holmes project.
Read some of the huge backlog of books I have sitting around.
Finish GTA4..

and hopefully some Pheasant Dickswitch.

Most importantly though, trying to avoid the computer/internet as much as possible.


2 Responses to “Steps”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We care.

  2. Anonymouss Says:

    We care.

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