Wrap Up

June 19, 2008

Finished with this semester of University as of today.

I am really glad, because it turned into a giant shitstorm by the end. Recieved a crap mark for my flash assignment that was handed in oh, about 8 weeks ago. No chance of resubmit because of how late I recieved my mark. Preproduction was getting a bit dicey, too many open ended decisions and work being piled unevenly. (As in, I was a lazy fuck and let others do too much work)

image via darkmotion.com

On holidays now.

Going to be doing as much creative content as I can force myself to do, hopefully build up a bunch of momentum to carry me through the rest of the school year and onwards.
On the cards so far is:

A bigass painting for my boss
Two large paintings for myself
Bake a (pretty) Cake
Write some music, probably digital
PheasantDickswitch stuff

So not really much, any ideas or requests would be good.

Also.. I think I might try and avoid both Coffee and the Internet.
Probably just cut down on though, don’t think I could ever really sever such strong ties.


One Response to “Wrap Up”

  1. Pasquale Says:

    Thank god we are on break. This was a long freaking term.

    I don’t know for sure if I am coming back, but I know next semester should bring a bunch of fun for sure.

    Now it’s time to just laze around and enjoy life 🙂

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