birthday and post birthday

June 1, 2008

My birthday was excellent.

Slept in, rolled into uni late, did a little work and talked some shit, then went and played some pool.

It was good not having anyone either know or care about it being my birthday, didn’t have to deal with any bad sing songs, but there were some enjoyable ones.

The day went a little something like this:

There was an incident with this guy in green, and a really drunk, asian pool hustler.
Angry, angry young men.

Went and hung out with family for a bit on saturday, my sister gave me this book:

spot the racist

It’s magnificently racist, and has all these little hidden things, like backroom prostitutes in Amsterdam. Oh and just like old school Where’s Wally books, theres a list of little incidental things at the end of the book.

There was both AFL and a friends Going Away party on that night, but the game ran late, everyone at the party I knew left, main guy was shitfaced, was going to take forever to get there. Sucks though, would have been fun if I had gotten there earlier.

At the game, there was a trio of Americans sitting in front of us, who had no idea what was going on – but they still enjoyed it anyways. They were also pretty drunk and heckling in that way that only Americans can. The others were thinking Canadian, but they seemed well off in terms of cash and technology, and also the nerdy one (there’s always one) was wearing this coral necklace, just screams California to me.

Also, I got my first negative comment on the blog. Thank you, whoever you are.


One Response to “birthday and post birthday”

  1. Liza Says:

    Fuck you.

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