May 12, 2008

Yeah so-

Saw Iron Man, that was pretty fucking fun. Not in the way that it changed my life or anything, but that it was entertaining as hell and it didn’t have anything to do with ‘the streets’ or being ‘fo real’.

Weekend was good, got a haircut and some brownie point scoring earrings for the mah, but art stuff was bust that day. Sunday, got a fair few sketches down for this psychadelic inspired canvas. Spent some time talking to the chick that runs the art supply shop on our university campus. She seems pretty grounded, or at least as jaded as I am when it comes to ‘fine’ art.

I did my stop motion fuckaround last week for uni, that was great fun, except that mine was nearly unplanned and probably not as impressive as I would have hoped, but i’ll jam the frames together and put it up here after the jump.

Here are a couple of concepts for my psychadelic canvas. The guy does, or used to do a bunch of psychoactive drugs, so I think he’s probably down with something that he can just stare at for a good time. Going with the whole ‘psychadelic’ theme, I had a little trouble, but just went with my first impressions and did an elephant. There was too many ideas and not enough resolution or skill to make a really terrifically busy piece, like some of Dali’s – so I figured I would go more for simplicity with content, but hyper colours and tactile texture.

Heres a couple of the ideas, and I think you can see the linework that i’ve put down onto the canvas so far in one of them.

Now to play some Grand Theft Auto 4: Get Drunk and Kill Hookers.

via asofterworld


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